How To Set Up Your Camper At The Caravan Park

So you’ve arrived at the caravan park and its time to settle in for the night. Setting up your camper at a caravan park is a key part of your motorhome rental holiday experience in Tasmania. Once you know the basics the entire procedure falls easily into place. This guide to setting up your motorhome will ensure your experience is straightforward and hassle free.

Choose a powered site 

When you first arrive at the caravan park request to stay at a powered site where you can charge the motorhome overnight. It is recommended that you stay at a caravan park every second night to fully charge your hire vehicle. (Featured: the Sandpiper Motorhome at Barilla Holiday Park in Hobart)

Connect to the 240 volt powered outlet 

Once you have settled into your powered site, use the supplied 15 amp extension lead to connect to the outlet. This is a straightforward process that involves simply plugging in the cord to the outlet and connecting the other end to the motorhome itself. You can check to see if the motorhome is successfully charging at the monitor inside your camper. If it does not appear to be charging, test the outlet at the caravan park by plugging in an alternative device (i.e. your phone). Please inform the caravan park staff if there is an issue with the outlet. Connecting to 240 volt power allows you to use the power points and microwave on board.

Connect your grey water hose

If your caravan park has a waste water dump point, connect the grey water hose to the outlet on the motorhome and place the other end in the dump station. This means that when you use the shower and kitchen/bathroom sink the water will run directly from the grey water tank into the outlet.

Set up your awning (where applicable)

If your motorhome is equipped with an awning and it’s a sunny day, set it up to enjoy the afternoon weather. It is important that you follow the step by step instructions provided in the user manual to securely erect the awning.

Tune the television 

All motorhomes (with the exception of the Hi Top campervan) come with a television for entertainment. If you plan on watching the TV from the campsite, tune it in as soon as you arrive at your destination. The TV needs to be tuned at each location and reception can be weak in rural and mountainous areas of Tasmania.

Set up your bed for the night 

If your motorhome has a dinette bed system you will need to transfer your table into a bed for the night. Set it up as early as possible so you can relax in the evening. For instructions on how to transfer the dinette, refer to the user manual supplied in the vehicle.

Empty the black water 

Staying at the caravan park offers a great opportunity to empty the toilet cassette as most caravan parks have a dump station where you can dispose of black water. For instructions on how to empty each tank please consult your Cruisin’ user manual. Before you leave the caravan park for your next adventure don’t forget to disconnect the motorhome from the powered outlet and disconnect any hoses attached to the tap. Awnings must be fully retracted. If you do come across any questions regarding your motorhome, our Cruisin’ Tasmania support team can be contacted on 1300 664 485. Before contacting our office, please consult your user manual for instructions.


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