The Best Views In Tasmania

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, Tasmania is home to breathtaking landscapes offering arguably the most spectacular views in the world. Wherever you go in the state, you will stumble across awe-inspiring vistas tucked away in hidden wilderness. Here are just some of the magnificent views you will find when you discover Tasmania.

The Neck Lookout, Bruny Island

Bruny Island is Tasmania’s shining gem, offering some of the state’s finest fresh produce in a jaw-droppingly beautiful environment. The view from the lookout on the neck of the island is one of Tassie’s most iconic views and shows an isthmus of land connecting north and south of the island. Visit on a clear day to be rewarded with breathtaking views. Don’t forget your camera.

Wineglass Bay Lookout, Freycinet National Park

This popular Tasmanian vantage point is plastered across the cover of travel magazines for a reason: it is simply spectacular. From a distance you will see a charming curved bay with a dazzling white sand beach and azure waters.  Anyone in the vicinity of Freycinet National Park should pay a visit to this lookout for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity. It is an easy walk to the lookout and a great start to the Hazards Track if you’re feeling energetic.

The Summit of Mt Wellington, Hobart

Prepare to have your breath momentarily taken away at the summit of Mount Wellington. Standing at an impressive height of 1200 metres above sea level, the summit offers stunning views of Hobart below and the Derwent Estuary separated by the iconic Tasman Bridge. Visit on a clear morning for the best results or during winter where the summit is coated in a dusting of snow. If you’re up early enough, the sunset experience is magical.

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

One of Tasmania’s most famous views is the peaks of Cradle Mountain rising above the still waters of Dove Lake. Visitors can walk the scenic circuit track and encounter a unique variety of flora and fauna. In winter, the area can be coated with snow, making for a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

Gordon River, Strahan

The reflective waters of the Gordon River on Tasmania’s west coast can easily be captured on a day cruise in the area. As you glide through this World Heritage listed area, you will be rewarded with 360 degrees of pure wilderness separated by this celebrated river.

Bay of Fires, East Coast

Home to the best beach in the world, the Bay of Fires is a delight for the eyes. As you look up the beach you will see aqua water and iconic orange-lichen covered boulders; a picture-perfect setting on the east coast.

Huon River from the Tahune AirWalk, Southern Tasmania

Nestled in Tasmania’s deep south you will find the Tahune AirWalk, a walkway 30 metres above the forest floor. Walk to the vantage point and appreciate a dazzling view of the rapid-running Huon River dividing the forest. Be wary of the platform on a windy day!


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