Tips For Exploring Mt Field National Park

Located an easy hour’s drive from Hobart, Mt Field National Park is Tasmania’s first national park and a must see for all visitors to the state due to its natural beauty and diversity. In the park you will find Tasmania’s most photographed waterfall, an abundance of wildlife and some of the tallest trees on earth. Thanks to Jesse Hisco Fine Art Photography for providing these majestic photos. Here are some tips for visiting the national park:

Start at the Visitor Centre

Your first point of call will be the Visitor Centre to obtain an entrance pass for $24 and learn about the features of the park. Once you have the pass, display it in the front windscreen of your camper to allow for all day parking. Consult the map just outside of the Visitor Centre to plan your walk and buy a bottle of water from the cafe onsite if you need to. The friendly staff inside will be more than happy to provide you with suggestions and information on the area.

Walk to Russell Falls

Russel Falls is an flat and easy 10 minute walk from the visitor centre and is one of the highlights of visiting the national park. On the way to the falls you will encounter impressive fern forests and swamp gums, the tallest flowing plant on earth. If you are visiting at night time, keep an eye out for glow worms as you approach the falls! Spend some time appreciating the true beauty of the cascading falls before bringing out your camera.

Explore the other falls

Instead of ticking Russell Falls off your bucket list and returning to the car, take the rest of the day to explore the other gems of this beautiful national park. Once you have seen Russell Falls you will notice that the tourists disappear, giving you the opportunity to experience the rest of the park practically to yourself. Walk up past the peak of Russell Falls to encounter the impressive Lady Baron Falls before continuing on through ancient trees to Horseshoe Falls. Take a detour off the main path onto the Tall Trees walk to appreciate the sheer beauty of towering swamp gums.

Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife

The national park is teeming with local wildlife. As you walk along the well-maintained paths, take a moment to close your eyes and listen for the inhabitants. If you’re lucky, you may just come across an echidna or Tasmania’s native mammals including the endangered eastern quoll and the eastern barred bandicoot.

Finish off the day at Waterfalls Cafe

After a day of walking and breathing in Tasmania’s pure air, enjoy some downtime at Waterfalls Cafe located at the Visitor Centre offering fresh seasonal and local produce. It’s also a great way to wind down and look back on some of your photos from the day. Mt Field National Park is one of Tasmania’s leading natural attractions and shouldn’t be missed off any Tasmanian itinerary. Visit the Parks & Wildlife Service website for more information.


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