What To Pack For Your Tasmanian Campervan Roadtrip

Tasmania is one of those travel destinations that often has travellers scratching their head when it comes to what to pack. What’s the weather like? What sort of activities will I do? What kind of bag should I bring? To help you with the packing process and to answer these questions here are some items to consider when you’re staring at the bottom of an empty bag preparing for your Tasmanian island getaway.

All Season Clothing

It’s commonly said that Tasmania can experience four seasons in the same day which can be confusing when it comes to packing. To make sure you’re covered, pack all-weather and layered clothing. Regardless of how long you are visiting for, be sure to bring along the following items;

  • Warm jumper
  • Light jacket
  • Rain jacket
  • Long pants
  • Thick socks
  • Shorts
  • Bed clothes
  • Formal and casual evening wear
  • T-shirts

If you pack the above items you won’t find yourself in weather conditions that you aren’t prepared for.

Walking Shoes

If you’re coming to Tassie it is likely that you will soon find yourself knee-deep in pure wilderness experiences including some of the world’s most majestic bushwalks. Approximately 40% of Tasmania is protected in National Parks and Reserves meaning there are plenty of options for day treks. Pack a pair of solid walking shoes that are water-proof and durable. Including light-weight walking shoes is also a good idea for the days that you’re exploring the states scenic cities by foot.

Fold-Up Bags & Day Pack

When you’re travelling in a motorhome it’s important to make the most of the space that you have. Suitcases can take up a lot of room, are often rigid and cannot easily be stored in the cupboards. Bring a fold-up bag or large backpack and when you arrive you can unpack your possessions into the supplied cupboards and store your backpack in the outside storage compartment. If you plan on doing day trips or walks it’s a great idea to bring along a smaller pack to carry your everyday essentials.


Tasmania offers some of the best photo moments in the country thanks to its scenic cities, spectacular wilderness and unique wildlife. Visiting the state without your camera would be a mistake! Cruisin’ runs a photo competition that rewards one lucky customer  every six months with a $2000 voucher for the winning capture.


If you’re on any prescription medications make sure that you have them in your toiletries bag. Although there is no shortage of pharmacies in Tasmania, sometimes there can be difficulty getting prescription medications in different states or countries to where they are prescribed.

Sun Protective Gear

The UV in Tasmania can reach as high as 10 and even on an overcast day the sun can burn. Don’t leave home without a good hat for when you’re out and about and plenty of sun cream. Sunglasses are also advisable for the brighter days especially when you’re out on the road driving.

A Book & Travel Guide

Although it’s a great experience to get off the beaten track, a good travel guide will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of those obligatory travel experiences in Tasmania. For activity recommendations purchase the Tasmania edition of Lonely Planet. Cruisin’ also has an archive of Tasmanian Itineraries to guide you in the right direction. If you’re an avid reader, bring along a book with you. There is nothing quite like lying in the camper at night, immersed in Tasmania’s wilderness, with a great book to read. Relax and enjoy.

Tasmania has capital cities & coastal towns where you can purchase any of the travel items you may have forgotten along the way. All Cruisin’ campervans and motorhomes come fully equipped with linen, pillows, towels, cutlery, crockery and kitchen and living appliances. 


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