Kim's Relocation Itinerary: Hobart to Brisbane in 10 Days 

Distance: 100km
Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
hobart to Port Arthur

What can I say but we had an amazing day at Port Arthur Historic Site, we did a guided tour and a cruise around the harbour. I took hundreds of photos and loved being surrounded by all the old stone and the grounds were beautiful. A great season to visit, the trees are gorgeous. It was so easy setting up the motor home on our first night, pretty much plug it into power and we were set.

Distance: 200km
Time: 3 Hours
Port Arthur to Coles Bay

Well, we should have been at Richmond by now but came across the most beautiful sights. Pirate Bay, Tasman Arch, Devils Kitchen and the Blowhole. Well worth taking time out to see. We missed Richmond but were lucky enough to come across The Spikey Bridge built by convicts. Richmond will be on our to do list next time.

Parked the motor home and wandered down to Coles Bay for a glorious sunset (I know I am a sunrise girl but this was too nice not to post).

Distance: 110km
Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Coles Bay to St Helens

We set out today from Coles Bay and saw some of the most beautiful displays of natural beauty along the way at Richmond Beach, Cape Tourville, Sleepy Bay, Wineglass Bay, Bicheno, Bay of Fires and finished our day of travelling with a rainbow at St Helens.

We did lots of walking and lots of steps today, we met people from all over the world at look outs and along the tracks as we walked, I chatted with all of them as us Australians are a friendly lot. LOL.

We found hidden beaches and the colour of the rocks along the Bay of Fires was so beautiful.

Distance: 250km
Time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes
St Helens to Devonport

Today on our adventure we left the east coast of Tassie and travelled through The Midlands to Devonport to catch our ride to the mainland. We stopped off to take a chairlift over Cataract Gorge, had afternoon tea with some free range chickens, caught up with friends at Devonport and watched a beautiful sunset from on board the Spirit of Tasmania.

Spirit of Tasmania

The Spirit of Tasmania was an adventure in itself and we chatted with a lot of the staff (now they were all a friendly lot) and met other people also relocating for Cruisin’ Motorhomes.

We invited more people at Cataract Gorge in to see the motor home and give them the run down, Cruisin’ are going to need to get a bigger fleet I think, people are impressed!

Distance: 320km
Time: 4 Hours
Melbourne to Lakes Entrance

Our welcome to Melbourne was a very chilly one. Michael did surprise me with a visit to the little beach huts at Brighton that I love. It was foggy through the Gippsland and I had to take over the driving as Michael had a headache. Hence the lack of photos today, he is definitely only a photo taker and I am the photographer.

We caught up with cousins from Moe along the way and I have managed to get the vehicle into place and set up and am now sitting in the laundry doing women’s work. LOL.

I told them all about our travels here and we got the Big4 members discount (not that I am a member).

Distance: 243km
Time: 2 Hours 45 Minutes
Lakes Entrance to Twofold Bay

Today we said goodbye to the pelicans at Lakes Entrance and made our way into our home state. We passed through Orbst, Marlo (Snowy River Estuary) and (the rocky) Cape Conron. We crossed the border into the beautiful green countryside of NSW and have parked at Two Fold Bay for the night.

I gave such a good run down on Cruisin’ and the relocation that I was given another discount. I should have hooked onto this sooner.

Distance: 355km
Time: 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Eden to Kiama

We have been blessed with beautiful weather for a photographer like myself (LOL), but alas today the photos will be slightly wet. Have to be flexible (as my workmates know I am) and take the good with the bad.

Told the lovely lady just a few of our travel stories, she just gave me a discount without mentioning why, must have liked me.

Distance: 300km
Time: 3 Hours 40 Minutes
Kiama to Newcastle

Once again we were blessed with beautiful weather and awesome scenery from Kiama, over the Sea Cliff Bridge and on through Sydney across the Hawksbury and into Newcastle, resting tonight at Stockton.

Distance: 630km
Time: 7 Hours
Newcastle to Byron Bay

Heading for close to home today, stopping at Byron Bay. For those sick of my photos, you will both happy and sad, my camera on my phone packed it in. After a few hours of muttering I decided to ask Mr Google as he seems to know everything. Long story short, he told me what to do and I am pleased to advise I will be able to post a sunrise photo from the most eastern point of Australia in the morning. Goodnight all, it has been a big day

Distance: 166km
Time: 2 Hours

We get up before the sun every day anyway (even on holidays) so off we set on foot to the lighthouse and the sunrise. While sitting waiting I said to Michael all we need to make this perfect would be whales or dolphins, you guessed it, as the sun rose two whales where splashing about in front of us.

Our awesome adventure couldn’t have finished more perfectly!

Our plan next year is to hire a smaller campervan for a week and travel the west coast of Tassie and then pick up the relocation, head straight up to Devonport and on to the ferry on the first night. Our only mistake this time around was to travel too far after coming off the ferry. I have already mapped it out and what we are planning is definitely possible!

We would like to thank Cruisin’ Motorhomes for the opportunity to experience this type of holiday as it really suited us.

We are up every morning before the sun to either go to training or take the dog to the beach and I like to post a sunrise photo every morning on Facebook, so a relaxing, sit around the pool type of holiday is not on our agenda.



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