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Road rules differ from country to country so it is important to familiarise yourself with Australian road regulations before you travel. Your safety is important to us at Cruisin’ Tasmania and we ask that you read the below safety points to ensure a secure and comfortable holiday in Tasmania.

Road Regulations

  • Have a valid driver’s licence in English or an International Drivers permit on you at all times. Driver’s caught without a valid licence face serious penalties.
  • Drive to the speed limit specified on the speed limit signs.
  • At a roundabout, all traffic proceeds in a clockwise direction. When you stop at a roundabout always give way to your right.
  • Drive on the left hand side of the road at all times.
  • Everyone in the vehicle must be restrained with a seat belt.
  • Always overtake to the right. Only overtake another vehicle if you can see a substantial distance of the road to complete overtaking and move back to the left hand side of the road (even on over taking lanes). Drivers must never overtake on blind rises, corners or where there are double white lines on the road. Always be aware of the weather conditions and drive accordingly. If overtaking a large vehicle in wet weather, beware of wind turbulence and wheel spray reducing visibility. Allow a substantial amount of room behind you when pulling back into the lane after passing the large vehicle. Trucks and other large vehicles are unable to stop as quickly as cars, especially when they are carrying fragile and heavy loads.

Road Safety Advice

  • Be aware of the size of the motorhome you are driving. Campervans and motorhomes can be double the height of a standard car. Watch for height indicator signs at low level crossings or carp parks. Overhanging tree branches and other low structures can cause damage to the vehicle and can affect you when you drive.
  • Drive with caution and remain alert to avoid a collision with a native, farm or domestic animal. In Tasmania there are many nocturnal animals that find their way onto the road after dark. It is best to drive during daylight hours and avoid dusk until dawn.
  • Fatigue causes a number of crashes in Australia every year. If you are driving long distances stop and rest at least every 2 hours. .

Driving Distances

Tasmania is one of Australia’s most manageable and scenic self-drive locations. Plan ahead and prepare your day’s driving with our helpful driving distance chart here.